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Time Capsule


In the Electronic NJ Digital Archive, you've encountered a wide variety of sources which shed light on the protest movements and social conflicts of the decade 1960-1970. Based upon your review and study of those sources, here is your task.

How Would You Help Others Understand The Nature Of Social Protest In The 1960s?

Challenge Task

Choose a maximum of 10 sources from the digital archive in the 1960's. Your goal is to select ten sources which best illustrate the range of viewpoints and intensity of conflict evident in the USA as represented in NJ during this decade.

Once you've chosen your ten sources, you will create a mini-exhibit with these components.


Your mini-exhibit should contain:

  1. An Introduction with key questions to examine that a viewer moving through the exhibit would use to understand key ideas about the 1960s.
  2. Source Captions that describe/summarize the key ideas of each source in a maximum of 150 words, similar to an exhibit caption card at a traditional museum.
  3. A short description of connections in your captions between each source and the other sources you've chosen.
  4. Text which explains or illustrates connections to themes and patterns of change concerning social activism of the period.

At the close of your work: Are you satisfied with your work? Check it carefully before you turn in the completed assignment to your teacher.


Some Other Ideas:


You might consider printing some of the images from this exhibit and scanning them, after giving proper source documentation credit, into a software program that would present your mini-exhibit as a multimedia presentation. If you have software that permits you to download images and entire Web pages to your computer, you can skip the printing/scanning process and use the images, again with proper source documentation credits, in a multimedia presentation.