For and Against U. S. Involvement in Vietnam

Questions for Discussion

  1. After printing out and reading the text of the two documents, summarize the arguments for and against U. S. involvement in the Vietnam War. Address the following issues as you formulate your response:
    • Anti-War
    • United States economic/imperial interests
    • Arguments why we must leave
    • Military-Industrial complex
    • Use of torture
    • Effect on minorities and workers
    • Pro-War
    • Democracy in Vietnam
    • Living standard in the United States
    • Threat of communism
    • Honesty of Vietnamese negotiations
    • Domino theory

Document #1

Mimeo flyer by David Fyfe. No Date. Rutgers Special Collection and University Archives.

Document #2

Mimeo from the Rutgers University Students for a Democratic Society. September, 1969. Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives.

Questions for Discussion

  1. Which of the two arguments is more convincing, in your opinion? Indicate which three facts were the most influential in bringing you to this conclusion.
  2. Think of an issue that is controversial today, and provide three reasons for one side and three reasons for the other. With which side do you agree more?