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The NJDH Mission

To develop an immersive, user-centered information portal, to support the New Jersey learner, through a collaboration among cultural heritage institutions that supports preservation of the past; new access strategies for the future; and active engagement with resources at the local and the global level, for shared access, local ownership.

Strategic Objectives

NJDH accomplishes its mission through several strategic objectives:

  • Preserving the state‚Äôs cultural resources and artifacts for use by citizens, educators, researchers, and students through digitization, online access, and digital preservation. Resources are available 24/7 and maintained in perpetuity.
  • Developing an engaging web site and effective access strategies to make resources openly available, while promoting the local ownership of resources by cultural heritage organizations.
  • Promoting and facilitating participation by New Jersey organizations that own and want to make available their cultural heritage information resources.
  • Integrating cultural heritage resources into the educational experiences of 21st century New Jersey learners, including K-12, higher education and lifelong learners through tools and resources to create and use educational activities that bring New Jersey history and culture to life.

New Jersey Digital Highway is hosted by the Rutgers University Libraries on behalf of the participating cultural heritage organizations.