Students for a Democratic Society

Another group which crusaded for civil rights was the Students for A Democratic Society. This political organization distributed the following flyer throughout the Rutgers Campus. This flyer was handed to you as you left Psych 101.

Read the document below, click on the image for text of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) Oppose the Arming of Racist Campus Cops document

From the Students for a Democratic Society. December, 1970. Rutgers Special Collection and University Archives.

Questions for Discussion

  1. What discrimination did the SDS feel the Campus Patrol perpetrate?
  2. What were the general feelings the students had toward the police in the article?
  3. Why were the students fearful of campus officers with guns?
  4. What is the role authority plays in society? For society to function correctly, what attitudes should people have towards authority figures?
  5. What are incidents in current society where people question authority figures and their commitment to protect and to serve all people equally?
  6. Do you feel armed guards have a place in American high schools? Explain.