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Students & Targum

These documents assist students in understanding popular opinions of the students at Rutgers University in support of their professors and their anger towards the violation of civil liberties. Student groups should recognize bias and identify the reasons why students might support their professors.


Ror each of the assessments, you will encounter documents followed by questions. Please read the document or document(s) carefully and then respond to the questions which follow.


  • Assessment 1: Targum dated October 3, 1952, Feature Article "Review Board to Probe Cases of Heimlich, Finley in Secret."
  • Assessment 2: Targum dated October 7, 1952, Feature Article "Finley Heimlich Cases Remain Under Study."
  • Assessment 3: Targum dated October 7, 1952, Editorial "Heimlich and Finley."
  • Assessment 4: Targum dated October 17, 1952, Letters to the Editor "A Re-examination."
  • Assessment 5: Targum dated October 17, 1952, Editorial "Something to be Thankful for."
  • Assessment 6: Targum dated October 17, 1052, Letters to the Editor, "Stan Kravit."
  • Assessment 7: Targum dated December 2, 1952, Red Letters, Lloyd Glikken.
  • Assessment 8: Targum dated December 17, 1952, Editorial, "The Heimlich, Finley Case."