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Introduction to Anti-communism in America: Assessment 1

The following documents illustrate the chronological span of anti-communist feelings and show how the Federal government, through the use of propaganda and legal documents, campaigned to gain support for it's anti-communist stance. Several of these documents are long. Students must read through the entire document before answering the questions.


America Menaced PDF version (8.4MB)

Please read the following document and answer the four questions following the reading.


Assessment 1


  1. After viewing all of the political cartoons, compare and contrast life in the United States versus that in the Soviet Union.
  2. Which of the political cartoons reflects your own personal beliefs of freedom? Why?
  3. Why is communism seen as a threat to the world community as you look at the last political cartoon?
  4. Explain your ideas on American propaganda as depicted in the political cartoon showing the "American way".