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Faculty & Alumni: Assessment 3

Rutgers Alumni Monthly, Letter from George Morrison, Class of 1914, dated February 1953

Please read the document below and then answer the two questions following the reading.

Rutgers Alumni Monthly

February 1953


As an interested alumnus of Rutgers University, I would like to commend the action of the Board of Trustees in the Heimlich-Finley matter. Universities are not unlike industry or any other organizations?they must have a policy and certain discipline among their personnel and I feel that some of the professors of our universities are misconstruing "academic freedom", and considering it to be a license to do as they please. I really think this situation should be corrected.


Assessment 3

  1. What is your opinion/theory on "academic freedom" and how far can a university professor take that in his classroom?
  2. How does Mr. Morrison compare the university environment to that of an industrial workplace?