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Favorite Songs

Favorite Songs of the Red Army and Navy


In order to complete this activity, this page should be printed and reproduced for students. Use the following primary source to conduct a document analysis. Always be on the look out for hidden clues in the text, coloring, or layout of the document.

Primary Source Document Analysis

Favorite Songs of the Red Army and Navy
Favorite Songs of the Red Army and Navy. New York: Russian- American Music, 1941. Rutgers University Special Collections and University Archive
  1. Background Information on the document:
    1. What type of document do you think this is?
    2. When was the document was created?
    3. Who is the author or creator of the document?
  2. For what audience was this document written?
  3. List three things revealed in this document that you think are important
  4. Why do you think this document was created?
  5. What evidence in the document helped you to decide why it was written? Quote directly from the document.
  6. List two things the document tells you about Paul Robeson at the time it was written.
  7. Write a question to the author that is left unanswered by the document.

Question for Discussion

  • Why would people find Robeson's participation in this project controversial?