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Paul Robeson


Do you know who this man is?


Did you ever see his picture in a history book?


Does your teacher know of his accomplishments?


Why is there a street in Princeton, NJ named after him?


Why did Rutgers University offer a course about his life?


Travel through his life by examining photographs, news clippings, and biographical excerpts to discover answers to these questions and more about the child, athlete, scholar, performer, and activist Paul Robeson.

Explore the different phases of Paul Robeson's life by using the navigation bar on the left. Decide for yourself what his legacy will be for the twenty-first century!


In addition, there are other resources about Paul Robeson available on the web.

Photograph of Paul Robeson, Junior at Rutgers University
Photograph of Paul Robeson, Junior at Rutgers University. Rutgers Special Collection and University Archives.