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World War II Timeline

New Jersey and the World

World New Jersey
  1920-New Jersey becomes the first state to ratify Prohibition
1922-Benito Mussolini takes power in Italy
1922-1923 Runaway inflation cripples Germany
1923-Union of Soviet Socialist Republics first constitution issued
1924-Lenin dies
  1927-Charles Lindbergh flies non-stop from New York to Paris. His plane uses an engine built in Paterson, N.J.

The Holland Tunnel opens to automobile traffic between New Jersey and New York City

1928-Kellogg-Briand Pact -- nations agree to solve disputes peacefully
1929-Stock Market crash, triggers The Great Depression
1931-1932 Japan conquers Manchuria
1933-Hitler comes to power in Germany 1933-Newark breweries reopen, after having been closed by Prohibition
1934-Austrian Chancellor Dolfuss assassinated
1935-Mussolini conquers Ethiopia
1936-Hitler places troops in the Rhineland 1936-W.P.A. Workers undertakes several projects in New Jersey including:
  • Fort Dix expansion
  • Roosevelt Park, Edison
  • Rutgers Stadium, Piscataway
1937-Japan invades China 1937-The German zeppelin Hindenburg explodes - Lakehurst, N.J.

The Pro-Nazi German-American Bund formed, with its headquarters at Camp Norland, Andover, N.J.

1938-Germany takes over Austria and the Sudetenland (Munich Pact)  
1939-Hitler's troops overrun Poland, starting World War II 1939-New Jersey native Frank Sinatra gives his premier Performance at New York's Paramount Theater
1940-Japan joins Axis, attacks French and English colonies in Southeast Asia. Germany quickly defeats France.
1940-1941 Battle of Britain
1941- Germany invades Russia
Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
United States enters war
1940-1941 New Jersey receives 9% of all allied war-related contracts

Naval station Earle, in Monmouth County, expands its war production

1942- Fierce fighting in North Africa between British and German forces 1942-Camp Kilmer opens in Piscataway
German U-Boats sink several U.S. ships within site of The New Jersey coast
Basic training Camp Boardwalk opens in Atlantic City
1943- Italy surrenders
1945-World War II ends