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Exploitation Possibilities

If you can't vote can people exploit you?


Before studying the documents below, express your own personal feelings

  1. How does being young limit your ability to express your opinions?


Analyze the following documents


Lucy Stone's Letter
Orange, N.J. December 18, 1858


Mr. Mandeville, Tax Collector, Sir:


Enclosed I returned my tax bill without paying it. My reason for not doing so is that women suffer taxation, and yet have no representation, which is not only unjust to one-half of the adult population, but is contrary to our theory of government. For years, some women have been paying their taxes under protest, but still taxes are imposed, and representation is not granted. The only course now left us is to refuse to pay the tax. We know well what the immediate result of this refusal must be.


But we believe that when the attention of men is called to the wide difference between their theory of government and its practices, in this particular, they cannot fail to see the mistake they now make, by imposing taxes on women, while they refuse to grant them the right of suffrage, and that the sense of justice which is in all good men, will lead them to correct it. Then shall we cheerfully pay our taxes — not till then.


Respectfully, Lucy Stone


Susan Pecker Folwer Letter
This letter appeared in the Vineland Evening News. December 16, 1907


As a tax paying citizen of the United States I am entitled to a voice in Governmental affairs…Having paid this unlawful Tax under written Protest for forty years, I am entitled to receive from the '˜Treasury of Uncle Sam' the full amount of both principal and interest.

Susan Pecker-Folwer


Elizabeth Cady Stanton Quote "No Country..."


"No country ever has had or ever will have peace until every citizen has a voice in the government. Now let us try universal suffrage. We cannot tell its dangers or delights until we make the experiment."


Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Elizabeth Cady Stanton Quote "Whether our feet..."


"Whether our feet are compressed in iron shoes, our faces hidden with veils and masks; whether yoked with cows to draw the plow through its furrows, or classed with idiots, lunatics and criminals in the laws and constitutions of the State, the principle is the same; for the humiliations of spirit are as real as the visible badges of servitude."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton


  1. What are some of the various issues that concerned women during this time period?
  2. How did women feel they were being exploited (politically, socially, economically)?


Answer the central questions, please be specific.

  • If you can't vote can people exploit you?