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McGoldrick, Neale and Margaret Crocco. Reclaiming Lost Ground: The Struggle for Woman Suffrage in New Jersey. Privately Printed, 1994.

(This is hard to locate. The Rutgers University Library- New Brunswick, New Jersey owns copies.)


Give the Ballot to the Mothers: Songs of the Suffragists. Dr. Francie Wolff. 1996.

An additional book can also be purchased by the same name and author.

Iron-Jawed Angles. Dir. Katja von Garnier. Home Box Office, Inc., 2004.


Crew, Danny O. Suffragists Sheet Music: An Illustrated Catalogue of Published Music Associated with the Women's Rights and Suffrage Movement in American, 1795-1921, with Complete Lyrics. North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2002.

Music CD

Knight, Elizabeth. Songs of the Suffragettes. Folkway Records, 1958.