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War Production: Assessment 1

What was the significance of industrial production during World War II?

Assessment 1: War Production Drive Official Plan Book


Have students read the following passages from "War Production Drive", and answer the following questions.

War Production Drive PDF version (1.0MB)

  • Using the section "Get Straight on this War (Pg. 4,5) " , answer these questions:
    1. What is meant by the statement, "In other wars, men, using weapons, did the fighting. In this war, machines, using men, do the fighting?"
    2. What three aspects make up the "American Game?"
    3. After reading the passage, "So production of civilian goods must, in large measures, be set aside." hypothesize why some of these items were "set aside&quo;.
  • Using the section "FDR's letter to Donald Nelson (Pg. 24,25)", answer these questions:
    1. What does FDR mean by "Total War"?
    2. What is the overall message of the letter?
  • Using the section "No Stoppage of War Production (Pg. 3)", answer these questions:
    1. Provide three examples of labor cooperating with the war production effort.