Labor Lessons: Assessment 2

Ships For Freedom

American Labor...producing for attack

"The job now in hand is to organize our vast resources. Every skill, every man engaged in this effort must now produce toward a single goal. There is only one answer to those who seek to rule the world by force of planes and ship and tanks and guns. The answer is more ships, more tanks, more guns."

-From the Foreword
"Production Goes to War"


Read the selected passages and complete the following table and questions.

Ships and Defense PDF version (0.2MB)

Labor Assessment 2:

Ships and Defense - Pg. 5

  1. Explain why the Navy would need twice as many ships for World War II than it needed in World War I.
Employment in Shipyards Chart - Pgs. 6 & 7
1942 (EST.)  
  1. How many more shipyard workers were there in 1940 compared to 1935?
  2. What was the estimated percentage increase in shipyard workers needed between 1941 and 1942?
  3. Based on the chart, hypothesize what will happen to the number of shipyard workers in 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, and 1947.