Propaganda: Assessment 1

War Propaganda Posters of World War II

Industry, Labor/Management/Government, & Women in the Workforce

Propaganda Assessment 1:

Examine the war propaganda posters shown below. What do the posters communicate to the viewer? How effective are the posters in promoting support for war production? You can employ the poster analysis worksheet noted here to complete these questions.

For all poster analysis, go to the Poster Analysis Worksheet.

Strong is the stremnth of the Lord we who fight the people's cause will never stop until the cause is won.
I need your skill in a War Job!
Spike the Jap! Our Army needs Help Get a Railroad Job Now
Don't be a Job Hopper. Our Soldiers are sticking to their guns. Stick to yoru Job!
Our Carelessness, Their Secret Weapon. Prevent Forest Fires
America Needs Your Eyes, Yoru Hands, Your Body. Be Careful. Avoid Accidents
Save Freedom of Speech
Do with less so they'll have enough!
Save easte fats for explosives. Take them to your meat dealer.
Have you really tried to save gas by getting into a car club?
Food is a weapon. Don't waste it! Buy wisely-cook carefully-eat it all
Plant a victory garden. Our food is fighting
Somebody blabbed. Button your lip!
Americans suffer when careless talk kills
Don't let that shadow touch them. Buy War Bonds
Let'em Have It. Buy Extra Bonds.
United. The United Nations Fight for Freedom.
United we are strong. United we will win

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