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Key for reading New Jersey Social Studies Standards (from left to right):

Standard # Grade Level Strand CPI #
6.1 12 A 5a
Which translates:
US History through 12th grade Civics, Government, and Human Rights Relate Industrial growth to the need for social & governmental reforms
Performance indicators are given but full content standards may be accessed at the following links:

Common Core Curriculum Standards, Language Arts/Literacy—History and Social Science Connections


  • 6.1.8.C.4.b
  • 6.1.12.C.3.a
  • 6.1.8.C.4.a
  • 6.1.8.A.3.b
  • 6.1.8.C.5.a
  • 6.1.8.A.4.a
  • 6.1.8.D.4.b