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Photograph Analysis

Essential question

How can we use the objects, people, and words featured in a photograph as context clues to draw conclusions about the image?

Part A: Analyzing Objects

  1. List five (5) different objects you see in the photograph.
  2. For what purpose are the objects in the photograph being used?

Part B: Analyzing People

  1. Describe the types of people featured in the photograph.
  2. Are there specific people featured? If not, is there anything about the individuals in the photograph that distinguishes them from each other?

Part C: Analyzing Words

  1. List any specific words in the photos which offer clues?
  2. If there are words featured on or in the photograph, what conclusions can you draw from these?

Part D: Drawing Conclusions

  1. What process do you think is taking place in these two pictures? (What type of factory is pictured?)
  2. What questions does this photograph raise? What other information about the pictures would be helpful to understand what is taking place?