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Concluding Activity

Part I

Movie Poster

Use your research about the horrors of war to create an advertisement for a Civil War film about the realities of war. Explain how the film is authentic by describing some of the "based on a true story" (letters and photos) scenes.

Poster Requirements

  • Movie title,
  • at least two catchy phrases, and
  • appropriate graphics.
  • Make sure that it is historically accurate, neat and creative.

You must sell your film to administrators and teachers so you must explain why your film is the most beneficial to the academic classroom setting and why it is better than Glory, Gettysburg, or Gods and Generals.

Sample Poster

There are No Good Guys and Heroes Don't Always Win...

WARNING: Parents don't bring small children. The truth is unbearable!

Witness the Reality of What Happens to Soldiers Before, During, and After Battle

Part II

Talk Show

Stage a talk show where the authors of the letters (Aaron, Benjamin, Alonzo, and William Clark) are the guests. The topics that they discuss should include their input and or impression of the film (from the movie poster) and their feelings about their involvement in the Civil War. Questions and answers should be fashioned to depict how the above characters might have felt about the glory and the hardships of the war. Students will assume the roles and do their best to bring these characters to life based on the evidence of their letters.