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Main Battle

After two weeks of playing cat and mouse fighting, Washington was ready to make his move on the British Army. By June 26, 1778 the British troops were camped around the village of Freehold (Monmouth Court House) and the Contenintal soldiers were near Englishtown just four miles south of the British Army.

Activities along with facts

After reading the facts try to make up alternative strategies that could have made the Battle of Monmouth a major victory for Washington and the American Revolution.

FACTS (Proceedings from a symposium commemorating the Battle of Monmouth April 8, 1978)

General Lafayette, a twenty-year-old, was given command of thirty five hundred regulars after General Charles Lee turned down the command. However his plan of attack was rash. His attack was set for June 26th. "He plunged ahead without adequate supplies for his troops, accurate intelligence of the British position, or even knowledge of the locations of all American formations and far beyond a point where Wahsington's main body could have supported him."


Was this Washington's best choice of a commanding officer to lead the attack on Clinton?

FACT General Charles Lee saw the opportunity to take command after the addition of General Wayne's men and over a thousand New Jersey militia were added to the ranks, He wrote Washington to reconsider his command. Washington approved, with the provision that Lafayette be allowed to complete any existing operation he had already started.


If you were Washington would you reinstate Lee as commander or take your chances with the less experienced, but more aggressive Lafayette?

FACT Charles Lee was given orders on June 27 from Washington to move against Clinton's rear on the morning of June 28. It's not exactly sure what Washington had in mind since he made it clear that the advance army was not to get into a general engagement. He used the words, "harass (the enemy) as much as possible."


With an army of over twelve thousand Continentals and over a thousand militia in the field, why was Washington so reluctant to meet Clinton head on?


If you were Washington, what would your orders be to General Charles Lee on his approach to Clinton's Army?