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Lee's Court-Martial

General Charles Lee was charged with three counts:

First: For disobedience of orders, in not attacking the enemy on the 28th of June, agreeable with repeated instructions.

Secondly: For misbehavior before the enemy on the same day, by making an unnecessary,disorderly and shameful retreat.

Thirdly: For disrespect to the Commander in Chief, in two letters dated the 1st July and 28th of June.

Proceedings of a General Court-Martial. . . for the Trial of Major-General Lee July 4th, 1778.

Court Decision

Lee was found guilty because of his actions during the battle and suspended from command for one year.


  • After reading all the facts preceding the trial how would you judge Clinton's actions on the battle field?
  • Disregarding the letters sent by Washington, what would be your decision in this case?