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Consumerism and Advertising Final Project

Based on what you learn in this module, you will be asked to complete the following activity. Imagine that your family has decided that you will become the family "expert" for an important purchase the family is planning on making. This might be a "big ticket" item bought only once like a new car or cell phone or something that will be purchased often like a new brand of cereal or ice cream.


  1. Your first task will be to gather information on the product choices and decide what characteristics you will use to make your selection. For example, what makes one brand of cellular telephone better than another?
  2. List two possible choices and set up a comparison chart. List at least 3 good things about each and 3 negative characteristic.
  3. Use the chart to make your final selection. Then be prepared to defend your choice. Imagine that you have to convince your family that you know what is best.
  4. Design an ad that will help to sell the product. This ad can be in the form of a radio commercial, a print ad in a newspaper or magazine, or a video commercial that would shoe on television. Be prepared to have the class evaluate your choice and your commercial.
hair potion ad