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Are you fed up with it?

The government and the consumer: Is the government too involved?

advertisement paper


  1. What is this person fed up with?
  2. What attitude is expressed about the role of government in the economy? Is government seen as harmful or helpful? What information is given in the article to support your answer?
  3. Estimate the decade that this was published. Look at the style of clothing and use the content of the article. Speculate on who Nation's Business was supported and funded by.
  4. The article mentions 28 government agencies controlling the economy. Now there are many more government agencies that regulate or control most of the products we buy. Choose one or two products and evaluate the importance of government regulation of the product. How would the product be different if the government had no say? Would you as a consumer be better off? Explain your answer.
  5. Can you think of an instance where your parents acted with too much power or seemed to be too involved in your life? Can you make the connection between how your parents deal with you and how the government may deal with a consumer?