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Scored Discussion

Essential question

What should be US policy toward refugees of the current Iraq War?

You will each prepare and participate in a scored discussion addressing the current U.S. immigration policy on refugees from Iraq. Examine the link provided and answer Introductory Questions 1-3 to help formulate ideas and responses to the Scored Discussion Questions below.

  1. What similarities can be drawn between the refugees of the Hungarian revolution and the refugees of the Iraq war?
  2. Do you feel our communities would embrace Iraqi refugees in the same or similar fashion that we have observed at Camp Kilmer? If not, please suggest why the experience of these refugees would be different than the experience of Hungarian refugees in the wake of the 1956 uprising.
  3. What do you feel the impact of social rejection might have had on the Hungarian immigrant community? Might social rejection of the Iraqi immigrant community have a similar effect in contemporary America?

Scored Discussion Questions:

  1. In response to the political and humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Iraq, the United States government should foster a program that encourages and expedites the immigration process for Iraqi refugees.
  2. A program that encourages citizens of Iraq to enter the United States will hinder the rebuilding process of their home nation.
  3. Adopting a policy that would encourage a greater number of Iraqis to enter the United States would place America at greater risk of terrorist attack.