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  • BOS demands and University Response. March 3, 1969.
  • BOS Rally Announcement. March 13, 1969.
  • "Rutgers Negroes End 3-Day Sit-In." New York Times. February 27, 1969
  • "Vandals Disrupt Classes at Rutgers." New York Times. March 11, 1969.
  • "Newark Campus Quiet After Bomb Threat." New York Times. March 12, 1969.
  • Video Interview with Robert Braun, Star Ledger reporter who covered the Conklin Hall takeover. February 25, 2009
  • Photograph of the occupation and renaming of Conklin Hall. February, 1969.

Besides the protest which occurred in early 1969, students engaged in active rebellion against University policies and what students perceived as a failure on the University's part to act with urgency in addressing their concerns. While rebellious activity around the nation often turned violent, the actions by the Rutgers students, led by the BOS, were in the words of Rutgers University historian Clement Price "well organized and disciplined," along with being peaceful, had administrative support, and yet were clearly disruptive.

Links to Documents, Video and Photograph


Consider which groups in American society or within your school setting today are faced with discrimination, prejudice, or alienation. Using the primary source documents listed above for background information, create a contemporary list of demands for the group / issue you have selected. Your list of demands must be realistic, specific, and detailed. Once your group has created this list, a scored discussion will follow which will focus on successfully implementing the goals of each group into an actual, peaceful rebellion.