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Highways: Truckin'

New Jersey highways have been the subject of poems, songs, and jokes for the last 60 years. Allen Ginsberg, Paul Simon, and Bruce Springsteen have used New Jersey Highways for their artistic material. Before examining some poems and songs about New Jersey highways, take a look at some of these fun facts about the NJ Turnpike:


  • Over 214 State Police personnel patrol the Turnpike
  • 560,000 vehicles travel the Turnpike daily
  • 205 million vehicles travel the Turnpike per year
  • Service areas serve over 50,000,000 gallons of gas a year
  • $350 million per year are generated from tolls.
  • 25,000 signs are maintained by the Turnpike Authority
(Facts were taken from www.state.nj/turnpike/facts.htm &


What is your reaction to the facts listed above? What has been your experience traveling on the NJ Turnpike?


Print out the outline map below. Label the following cities and highways.

  1. Label your hometown if you live in New Jersey.
  2. Label New York City, Philadelphia, Trenton, Newark, Camden, New Brunswick, Paterson, Jersey City, Atlantic City, Vineland, Elizabeth
  3. Label the following highways: NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, 287, 195, RT 1, 195, 295, 80, & 78.
New Jersey Outline
Click on image for printing