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Suburban NJ: Dream or Nightmare?


New Jersey is the quintessential suburban state. Because New Jersey lacks a large industrial city like many other states in the Northeast, it is a state comprised mainly of small industrial cities and suburban towns. In addition, New Jersey has been a transportation link for the cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore for the past two centuries. Many consider the term "The Garden State" to be a misnomer since images of highways, congestion, malls, and suburban developments are far more common than the yeomen farmer. As you browse through the various segments of this website you are invited to examine the issues inherent with suburban growth: traffic, highways, planned communities, malls, race, gender and the environment. However, suburban development is a national issue and affects all of our lives, regardless of where one lives. Evaluate the question above as you explore the various documents and images.

New Jersey Turnpike with median barrier
(Courtesy of Marco DiMarcello and Sean Siet)