Date Created2015
DescriptionI attended the 50th Anniversary celebration of the March on Washington August 24, 2013. It was a wonderful experience and I decided to make a memory quilt using T-shirts and buttons that I purchased...
Date Created2008-2014
DescriptionI started machine appliqueing this piece in 2008, finished in 2014. Inspired by Janie Jones.
Title8 Point
Date Created1800-1899
DescriptionAlternating pieces of chintz and eight point stars
DescriptionThis quilt was made by my grandmother from materials that were dresses. She quilted from about 1925 to 2009.
Date Created2016
DescriptionThis was my first quilt. I used my daughter's T-shirts to create it as a memory of her years in school (K-12).
Date Created2016
Date Created1997-2000
DescriptionOne of my first quilts. I took an applique class in Brooklyn, NY where I was living in 1997. I finished the quilt in 2000. There are two hanging sleeves so it can be hung horizontally or vertically.
Date Created2015
DescriptionI received this panel from my son-in-law, I embellished it with borders to make a wall hanging.
Date Created2016
DescriptionThis quilt was from a quilt kit in which I made several changes with the colors of the African fabrics and the solid fabrics. I like working with the color black, it brings out my quilts with a zing...
Date Created2016
DescriptionThis is one in a series of original designs. The theme of which is When I Hear Spirituals . This quilt is called, Ain't That Good News .