Date Created1983
DescriptionLooks at the New Jersey Classic, the highest paying harness race in the world, which takes place at the Meadowlands in East Ruthford, New Jersey.
Target AudienceGeneral
Date Created1982
DescriptionDocumentary about the lives of three homeless women in Newark, New Jersey.
Target AudienceGeneral
Date Created1988
DescriptionA documentary about runaway teenagers who are living on the street. Notes that there is no typical one type of runaway or a single reason for running away. Some of these individuals are not...
Target AudienceGeneral
Target AudienceTV-G (general audience)
Date Created1985
DescriptionDiscusses elderly pets and their changing needs, and how to best care for them during the final years of their lives. Defines young, middle aged, and old as it applies to dogs and cats. Looks at...
Date Created1981
DescriptionExamines the hardship of being an artist, with the ups and downs of the work and sales.
Target AudienceTV-G (general audience)
Date Created1975
DescriptionLooks at a self- help program used at Rahway State Prison, a maximum security facility that houses over 940 male inmates. Filmed on location at Rahway State Prison, Rahway, New Jersey. Air date:...
Target AudienceGeneral
Date Created2007
DescriptionOf the 1,600,000 Jewish children who lived in Europe before World War II, only 100,000 survived the Holocaust. Most were hidden children, shuttered away in attics, cellars, convents or in villages or...
Target AudienceTV-G (general audience)
Target AudienceGeneral
Time PeriodThe Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)