AuthorStuder, Joan Vreeland
Date Created1981
DescriptionHistory of the Reformed Church in Bayonne, and of the city, from the origin of both in the colonial era through 1981. Illustrated with photographs, postcards, handrawn and print maps, and newspaper...
Time PeriodExpansion and Reform (1801-1861), Postwar Years (1945-1970), The Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930), The Industrial Revolution (1870-1900), Contemporary America (1968-present)
Date Created1930
DescriptionA fundraising appeal highlighted the programs offered by Whittier House, and requested that the recipient send a contribution. Photographs of the children participating in programs are...
Date Created1929
DescriptionA pamphlet reviewed how prior contributions were spent in support of Whittier House programs, and requested that the recipient donate funds to the organization. Photographs of the children...
Date Created1929
DescriptionThis small booklet contains photographs of boys and young men participating in Whittier House programs and a request for a donation to help fund future efforts. Whittier House scrapbooks document...
Date Created1927
DescriptionA subscription book, resembling a passbook savings account register, sent to potential donors highlighted the programs offered by Whittier House, such as sewing and cooking classes, and requested that...
Date Created1929
DescriptionThis item from the Whittier House scrapbook is a listing of the program events occurring on February 2, 1929. The program's title is Whittier's Wittiest Wit Exhibition. On the reverse side of the...
Date Created1927
DescriptionThese items, from a Whittier House scrapbook, document aspects of the 1927 fundraising campaign to support the summer camp program in Pomona, NY and day trips in the Jersey City area. The items...