Date Created1895
DescriptionThe Annual Reports of Whittier House, of which this is the Second, include reports on all Whittier House programs and activities, including the kindergarten, sewing school, legal assistance for the...
Date Created1922
DescriptionThe Whittier House Social Settlement, the first settlement house in New Jersey, was established in Jersey City, N.J. in 1894. Founded by Cornelia Foster Bradford, who would remain with the...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1977
DescriptionThe fishing industry in the United States, and in particular the North Atlantic component of the industry, did not fully participate in the technological development of American industry of the...
Date Created1926
DescriptionThis bulletin is published to help municipal and county Shade Tree Commissions and those who wish to maintain vigorous, attractive trees on their properties. Few people realize that any tree standing...
Date Created1913
DescriptionThe contents of this volume include: suggested improvements in the City Plan; Municipal Decorative Improvements; Street Widths and Arrangement; Harbor Development; The Market Problem; Trolley...
Date Created1915
DescriptionThis report is a review of and recommendations for the public recreation system of Newark, NJ, including parks, schools, churches, playgrounds, community centers, and more.
Date Created1975-01-31
DescriptionThis is one (1974) in an annual series of reports from the Newark Department of Recreation and Parks. The purpose of this report is to: 1. provide greater coordination of the recreational and cultural...
Date Created1963-10
DescriptionThe City of Newark is presently engaged in ambitious urban renewal activities for the revitalizing or rebuilding of existing deteriorating and blighted conditions. During Newark's three hundred years...
AuthorLeeds, Albert B.; Gray, George R.; Meeker, F. W.
Date Created1882
DescriptionTopics covered in this 1882 report to the Newark Aqueduct Board covers water pumped from the Belleville pumping station, financial statements for the Board, inventories, statistics of consumption,...
Date Created1961
DescriptionThis demonstration grant report deliniates the city-wide renewal needs for the City of Newark, N.J. for the ten year period starting 1961. It suggests reconstruction as well as protective treatment.