Date Issued1870
Date Issued1909
Date Created1957-03
DescriptionThe newspaper clippings of March 1957 document the role played by Tracy Voorhees, as the Chairman of Presidents committee for Hungarian refugee relief, in coordinating resettlement of Hungarian...
Date Created1957-02
DescriptionThe newspaper clippings of February 1957 highlight two aspects of the Hungarian refugee crisis: One, it documents President Eisenhower's proposal to increase the annual immigrant permits so that more...
Date Created1956-12
DescriptionThe newspaper clippings of December 1956 focus on President Eisenhower’s efforts to raise the quota for Hungarian refugees from 6,000 to 21,500 in U.S. to ease the growing unrest in Austria amongst...
Date Created1956-11
DescriptionThese newspaper clippings from 1956 relate to the appointment of Tracy S. Voorhees as head of the American Refugee and Rehabilitation Program for Hungary. The reproduced documents represent one...
Date Created1957-01
DescriptionThe newspaper clippings of 1957 document U.S. and U.N. policy towards Hungarian refugees. The clippings also focus on the growing tension in Hungary between its government and its citizens. The...
Date Created1985
DescriptionThe newspaper clippings from 1958 provide reports on Hungarian students in universities, and the high unemployment rate among Hungarian refugees.
Date Created1957
DescriptionThe newspaper clipping of 1957 focus on the successful resettlement of the Hungarian refugees to United States. The reproduced documents represent one folder from the Hungarian Refugee Relief Files,...
Time Period1957
Date Created1957-04
DescriptionThe newspaper clippings of April 1957 document the slowdown in the flow of Hungarian refugees to the US. The reproduced documents represent one folder from the Hungarian Refugee Relief Files, an...