Date Created1876
DescriptionThis is volume II of the registry of New Jersey soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, the United States Civil War, by William S. Stryker. This volume continues the list and finishes with a report of...
Date Created1876
DescriptionWilliam S. Stryker, newly appointed Adjutant General of New Jersey in 1867, was asked by Governor Marcus L. Ward to prepare an Official Register of the officers and men of New Jersey in the "War of...
Date Created1993-05-00
DescriptionThis study described the character and culture the African-American people have created for themselves in the United States, first as slaves and then as a free people. It pointed to the many important...
Date Created1865
DescriptionThis short text of four chapters plus an appendix seek to meet and answer the position, set up by Earl Russell, the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1861, that the recognition of the...
Date Created1890
DescriptionCompilation of names and places of residence for United States Civil War members of the Connecticut Heavy Artillery, "1st Ct. V.H. Artillery", circa 1890. Work included a historical sketch of the...
AuthorSchwartz, Joel
Date Created1997
DescriptionThe Development of New Jersey Society by Joel Schwartz. Number 10 in the New Jersey History Series. Published by the New Jersey Historical Commission.
AuthorSheridan, Philip Henry
Date Created1888-08-02
DescriptionSheridan's two autobiographical volumes explored life in the United States before, during and after the 'War of Rebellion.' Sheridan was born to immigrant Irish parents who moved with the westward...
Date Created1910-10-00
DescriptionThis book was an attempt by two authors to visually demonstrate in text and in a charted timeline, events, large and small, in U.S. political development and in the world during the prior four...
Date Created1863
DescriptionJoseph Holt, Judge Advocate General in a report to President Lincoln reviewed the court martial proceedings, findings and sentence in the trial of Major General Fitz John Porter charged with...
Date Created1848
DescriptionAn anti-war and anti-slavery sermon that condemned President James A. Polk for the hasty annexation of Texas territory between the Nueces and Rio Grande rivers and criticized the large cost in money...