Date Created1854
DescriptionPublic notice posted August 21, 1854, of sale of pew "on the floor of the RD Church at Bergen - South Side" by the executors of the estate of John Van Horne. Sale to take place at "the store of Jacob...
Time PeriodExpansion and Reform (1801-1861)
Date Created1930-1939
DescriptionEnvelope from Lollos Florist Shop. 233-235 South Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ Corner of Bergen Street
Time PeriodThe Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)
Date Created1939-01-1945-12
DescriptionThe Bon Ton Store's Fall Back To School advertisment. The Bon Ton Store was located at 336 George Street.
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1936-1937
DescriptionThe federal government created Jersey Homesteads as part of a New Deal initiative. It was unique because it was the only community planned as an agro-industrial cooperative that included a farm, a...
Date Created1976
DescriptionThis poster, in the colors of the American flag, invited families to an American heritage festival that was to occur at the Garden State Arts Center on Saturday, October 9, 1976. This event, which...
Date Created1979
DescriptionThis is a colorful poster advertising a Belarusian folk festival to be presented by the Garden State Arts Center on Saturday, May 19, 1979. This poster designed by Irene Rahalewicz is mostly red...
Date Created1980
DescriptionThis colorfuld poster advertises a Ukrainian folk festival that was to occur on Saturday, May 31, 1980 at the Garden State Arts Center. The poster features a drawing of three people dressed in...
Date Created1980
DescriptionThis is a poster advertising a festival that was to be held at Liberty State Park on September 13th and 14th of 1980. The poster indicates that there were forty ethnic communities expected to...
Date Created1976
DescriptionThis poster advertises a Hungarian festival that was to occur on Saturday, September 11, 1976 at the Garden State Arts Center. The poster features pictures of dancers, musicians, and other...
Date Created1960
DescriptionThis broadside published by a state employment service advertizes for migrant farm workers to pick fruit in North Jersey orchards.