AuthorEngler, Rick
Date Created1998-01-09
DescriptionA report titled "Progress and Problems: 1997 Whitman Administration Policy on the Right to Know about Chemical Hazards in the Workplace and Community" and related attachments.
Date Created1998-1999
DescriptionAssorted documents concerning the Right to Know program under the Whitman administration, dated 1998-1999.
Date Created1995-1997
DescriptionCorrespondence, reports, newspaper clippings and other assorted documents pertaining to Right to Know legislation under the Whitman administration, dated 1995-1997.
Date Created2007
DescriptionThis plaque sits at the base of a statue of Jackie Robinson. The statue is in front of the Journal Square Transportation Center and commemorates Jackie Robinson's first minor league baseball game,...
Time PeriodContemporary America (1968-present)
Date Created1870
DescriptionA map of the city of Trenton, New Jersey from actual surveys by and under the direction of F. W. Beers. This extremely detailed map depicts building footprints, names of property owners, various land...
Date Created1995
DescriptionA copy of the Worker and Community Right to Know Act, P.L. 1983, c. 315 as amended through November 13, 1995.
Date Created1995-09
DescriptionThis is a summary of the information submitted in 1994 by New Jersey businesses covered by state and federal New Jersey Worker and Community Right to Know (W&CRTK) Act and/or the federal Emergency...
Date Created1917-1919
Date Created1996-12
DescriptionThis report summarizes the 1994 chemical inventory and environmental release, off-site transfer, facility throughput and pollution prevention information reported by New Jersey companies pursuant to...