Date Created1950
DescriptionMarian Glaeser giving out [meal] tickets for Delaware flood relief. Picture taken on November 27, 2006.
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970)
Date Created1950
DescriptionMarian Glaeser giving out tickets for Delaware Flood Relief. Picture taken on November 27, 1950.
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970)
Date Created1940
DescriptionThe Bureau of Service to the Foreign Born, founded in 1917 and conducted by the Newark Section, National Council of Jewish Women, provided aid to immigrants and aliens, especially information and...
Date Created1949
DescriptionThese minutes from the May 13, 1949, meeting of the Displaced Persons Committee, review the Committee's plans for assisting the New Jersey Governor's office with the establishment of the New Jersey...
AuthorOsborne, James D.
Date Created1976
DescriptionThis paper by James D. Osborne, a New Jersey Historical Commission grant recipient, is from 'New Jersey's Ethnic Heritage: Papers Presented at the Eighth Annual New Jersey History Symposium, December...
Date Created1949
DescriptionThis November 1949, report from the recently formed Displaced Persons Committee recounts the Committee's process and ultimate success in lobbying the Governor to appoint a State Commission on...
Date Created1949
DescriptionThis report of minutes from the October 28, 1949, Displaced Persons Committee meeting in Newark, records the Committee's plans for lobbying the New Jersey state government to create a State Commission...
AuthorSchachter, Leon B.
Date Created1945
DescriptionThis is a report on the efforts of the Meat and Cannery Workers Union combined with the efforts of the Migrant and Child Labor Committee of the Consumers' League of New Jersey, the Women's Bureau of...
Date Created1960-1975
DescriptionUndated brochure from the Office of Migrant Education in Trenton, New Jersey, entitled: 'We won't let them down just because they're down on the farm.' Discusses the needs of children of migrant...
AuthorFair, Laura
Date Created1932
DescriptionMigrants as a Social and Educational Problem in New Jersey by Laura Fair, was published in the Studies in Education series (no. 3) in the monthly Rutgers University Bulletin in May, 1932, (Series...