Date Created1979
DescriptionDocumentary about the Jersey Devil. Legend states that the Jersey Devil returns to the place in the Pine Barrens where he was born every seven years.
Target AudienceGeneral
Date Created1974
DescriptionThe story of towns and houses abandoned in the New Jersey Pinelands. Includes a discussion of Ong's Hat, New Jersey, a town founded in the late 1600's to early 1700s. The town was named after Jacob...
Target AudienceGeneral Education
Date Created1983
DescriptionLooks at the New Jersey Classic, the highest paying harness race in the world, which takes place at the Meadowlands in East Ruthford, New Jersey.
Target AudienceGeneral
Date Created1975
DescriptionLooks at a self- help program used at Rahway State Prison, a maximum security facility that houses over 940 male inmates. Filmed on location at Rahway State Prison, Rahway, New Jersey. Air date:...
Target AudienceGeneral