Date Created1905
Date Created1905
Date Created1906
DescriptionCaption from Moss and Schnitzspahn (1997): "Lacking even a hint of a smile, Miss D. Fisk is photographed in a fashionable lace dress and stylish feathered hat", (p. 14).
Date Created1905
DescriptionCataloger believes this is the wife of J.C. Van Cleaf, proprietor of the United States Hotel and later, the Scarboro Hotel, both in Long Branch (from "Long Branch Jottings", NY Times, June 14, 1903).
Date Created1905
DescriptionCataloger believes this to be John W. Flock and his family. Flock was an undertaker with Hyer and Flock in Long Branch, as listed in Boyd's Monmouth County, New Jersey, Directory 1896-7 (p. 350).
Date Created1913
DescriptionCaption for similar image in Moss and Schnitzpahn (1997): "A costume party given at Georgian Court by George Jay Gould (in formal Scottish attire, lower right) seems to be less than an exciting...