Date Created1940-1949
DescriptionPhotograph of Mrs. Helen B. Cubberly.
Date Created1940-1949
DescriptionThis is a picture of the Taniguchi family at the relocation camp in Poston, Arizona. The family occupied Block 220, Apartments 4A and B.
Date Created1943
DescriptionThe first picture Private First Class Kazuto Taniguchi sent home after being inducted into the U.S. Army in 1943. He served his basic training in Camp Shelby, Mississippi.
Date Created1943
DescriptionFamily portrait taken with enlistee, Kazuto. Many eligible young men who received their induction notice volunteered for the Armed Forces. Kaz was a member of the famous 422 Regiment Combat Team,...
Date Created1950-1959
DescriptionSchool Teachers at the Seabrook School. The original school building was renamed the "Elizabeth Moore School," in honor of the administrator of that name, pictured here, 1st row, 1st at right, who...
Date Created1998
DescriptionVisit to Bob Hasuike's at Manhattan Beach, California, May 18, 1998.
Date Created1940-1949
DescriptionThe pictures shows a rock and cactus garden made by internees at the Poston, Arizona camp.
Date Created1940-1949
DescriptionThis bronze statue, made from a melted-down belt buckle, was given to Mrs. Cubberly by a German POW who befriended her. (See I Remember When by Mrs. Helen B. Cubberly.)
Date Created1949
DescriptionSeabrook Farms sponsored team with co-captains in public relations picture. This was taken before the "big game" at the Philadelphia "ARENA." Played preliminary to the Philadelphia...
Date Created1950-1959
DescriptionReverand Yonosuke and Mrs. Kohana Sasaki.