Date Created1850-1899
DescriptionDonated by Mrs. Brock in 1995. Tied with silk tufts in reverse.
Date Created2009
DescriptionAlbum cover of Barack Obama, our 44th president of the US. Inside, a collection of news articles of his victory.
Date Created2012
DescriptionThis was my version of Michelle Obama. Did I capture any of her features? (Wall hanging)
Date Created1920-1929
DescriptionPossibly made by my great grandmother or her aunt. This quilt was given to me by my great uncle Thomas Gregory, my maternal grandmother's brother. He found a few quilts in the attic and gave me the ...
Date Created1950-2015
DescriptionBelieved to pay homage to the LeMoyne brothers who settled in Louisiana in 1699. Known as the Lemon Star in New England, first published in 1911 but made prior to that.
Date Created1950-2015
DescriptionDonors parents were NJ residents. Spectacular quilting of wreath designs.
Date Created1950-2015
Date Created2012
DescriptionI love doing jigsaw puzzles, you know. I had to make this quilt, it’s the second puzzle quilt I’ve made. First I looked at a color wheel, then I chose my colors. There are many different quilt...
Date Created2016
DescriptionThis was a class I took on making Crazy Quilts. The first crazy quilt I’ve made. In the past I always wanted to try and make one, never got around to it. I’m glad I took the class. In my quilt...
Date Created2016
DescriptionThese pillows began as a whole cloth quilt endeavor, but the Matelassé fabric was too heavy or me to maneuver so I created two toss pillows.