Date Created1920
DescriptionKatherine Rafferty (on the right) was married to Lee Ritter. This is her family picture after the girls lost their mother to the influenza epidemic in 1918. Pictured are Matilda, age 4, Katherine,...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1925
DescriptionThis portrait depicts the Lane family. In rear, left to right: Maude Lane, Edythe Lane Van Doren. In front, left to right: Edythe's son Lloyd Van Doren (b. 1920), Ernest Erastus Lane, Edythe's son...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1910
DescriptionA Lane family portrait by Edythe Lane. Seated in front, left to right: Abbie Waldron Lane, Ernest Erastus Lane. Their daughter, Edythe, is standing at far left in the white blouse.
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1870-1900
DescriptionSmall, news print encased in heavy glass with two images inside. On the right is Richard Falley Cleveland, Grover Cleveland's father. He is depicted with his hair combed to the side, upturned lapels...
Time PeriodThe Industrial Revolution (1870-1900)
Date Created1950
DescriptionThis photograph was taken in front of Lee Ritter's flower shop which he owned from 1930 - the 1970s. Christine and Kathleen (on opposite ends of the picture) are twins. Gregory is the baby.
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970)
Date Created1890
DescriptionUnidentified subject. This man's hat indicates that he is likely a member of the Valencia Boat Club in Hoboken NJ. Photo taken by DeYoungs', 815 Broadway, New York. Verso advertises the business as...
Time PeriodThe Industrial Revolution (1870-1900)
Date Created1877
DescriptionPair of prints depicting the same image of Henry D. Gerdts, Jr., taken July 1, 1877. Henry was born February 21, 1867. Photos were taken by Hector Kraus Photographic Art Gallery, A. Esselborn,...
Time PeriodCivil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)
Date Created1888
DescriptionChas E. Raab, photo dated December 17th, 1888. Taken by Fred Wendel Photo Studio, 105 Fourth Avenue (near 12th St.) New York.
Time PeriodThe Industrial Revolution (1870-1900)
Date Created1890
DescriptionAnna Gerdts & Emil F. Florcken, photo dated June 28th, 1890.
Time PeriodThe Industrial Revolution (1870-1900)
Date Created1890
DescriptionUnidentified duo, image 2 of 2. Tintype. Younger man is possibly Henry D. Gerdts.
Time PeriodThe Industrial Revolution (1870-1900)