Date Created1992-12-17
DescriptionThis document contains a proposed agenda for meeting with Governor Florio concerning the Right-to-Know law.
AuthorEngler, Rick
Date Created1992
DescriptionA report on the nation's first state labor/environmental ''right-to-act" legislative campaign to win new rights for workers and neighbors to prevent toxic and other hazards. This report documents the...
Date Created1997-02-10
DescriptionThis folder contains one document, the Assembly Policy and Regulatory Oversight Committee Amendment to Senate No. 36. This Amendment regards participation in a community work experience or alternative...
Date Created1984-1985
DescriptionIssues 1, 2, 4, and 5 of the New Jersey Right-to Know Report.
Date Created1995
DescriptionThis document contains letters, postcards, and press releases related to hazardous substance fact sheets.
Date Issued1992
Date Issued1999
DescriptionThis folder contains newsletters, notes, magazines and newspaper clippings related to the Community Right-to-Know Act and emergency planning in regards to chemical exposure.
Date Created1986
DescriptionThis document contains a press release, checklist, report, and poster related to employers and hazard communication standards.
Date Created1985, 1994, 1995
DescriptionThis document contains hazardous substance fact sheets.
Date Created1984-05-18
DescriptionA letter from Jerome Balter addressed to Dr. Kenneth Rosenman from the Department of Health. The contents of the letter discuss creation of a hazardous substance list and the particulars of certain...
Date Created1993-03-15
DescriptionLetters and testimony concerning proposed regulatory changes to the New Jersey Right to Know Act from 1993.