Date Created1993-01-14
DescriptionMessage from Rick Engler to Assemblyman Robert Shinn with attached documents related to the January 1991 proposal by Governor Florio. The attached documents summarize why Governor Florio decided not...
Date Created1982-10-20
DescriptionTranscript of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee public hearing on Senate Bill 1670, Worker and Community Right to Know Act, in Turnersville, NJ. It includes comments and testimonies from the...
Date Created1986, 1987, 1988
DescriptionThis document collects letters, reports, newsletters, and survey materials related to the enforcement of the Community Right-to-Know Program.
Date Created1986-02-20-1989-03-02
DescriptionA series of press clippings and related documents covering the New Jersey Right-to-Know law dating from 1986-1989.
Date Created1988-1989, 1985
DescriptionOpinion and judgments (and related correspondence) in the case of New Jersey Chamber of Commerce v. Hughey, dated 1985 and 1988-89.
Date Created1986-04-08-1988-08
DescriptionA series of letters and documents which detail the enforcement efforts of the Right to Know Act in New Jersey dated between 1986 and 1988.
Date Created1993
DescriptionThis folder contains documents related to Assembly Bill No. A-1232, the Shinn/Doria Legislative Amendment of 1993-1994.
Date Created1985
DescriptionA collection of newspaper clippings concerning the Community Right to Know Law from the year 1985.
AuthorDalton, Daniel J.; Johnson, Tom; Goldberg, Elliot; Micko, Lillian; Bledsoe, Lysbeth; Moore, Lee; Wyman, Andrea S.A.; Ruane, Michael E.; Clark, George; Donohue, Joseph; Stewart, Ann; Goldberg, Elliot; Weiner, Tim; Diemer, Joe; Hester, Tom; Joyce, Marilyn; Carney, Leo H.; Riordan, Kevin; Quinn, Tim; Estes, Kenneth R.
Date Created1982
DescriptionAssorted press clippings and releases dated 1982.
Date Created1982-10-06
DescriptionTranscript of the public hearing held before the Senate Energy and Environment Committee on the Worker and Community Right to Know Act. It also identifies all of the speakers present at the hearing.