Date Created2000-12-01
DescriptionThis Annual Report from the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office highlights the office's activities during 2000. These activities include starting the Women's Heritage Trail survey in conjunction...
Date Created2001-12-01
DescriptionThis Annual Report from the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office highlights the office's activities during 2001. During the year, the Historic Preservation Office spearheaded the formulation of a...
Date Created1998, 1999
DescriptionThis document describes the North American Industry Classification System.
Date Created2001
DescriptionThis document presents a concept plan for a bicycle and nature path to the Civil War Drill Hall in Leonia, NJ. A secondary objective of the plan is to rehabilitate the wetlands and woodlands in the...
Date Issued1992
Date Issued1999
DescriptionThis folder contains newsletters, notes, magazines and newspaper clippings related to the Community Right-to-Know Act and emergency planning in regards to chemical exposure.
Date Created1997-02-10
DescriptionThis folder contains one document, the Assembly Policy and Regulatory Oversight Committee Amendment to Senate No. 36. This Amendment regards participation in a community work experience or alternative...
AuthorDalton, Daniel J.; Johnson, Tom; Goldberg, Elliot; Micko, Lillian; Bledsoe, Lysbeth; Moore, Lee; Wyman, Andrea S.A.; Ruane, Michael E.; Clark, George; Donohue, Joseph; Stewart, Ann; Goldberg, Elliot; Weiner, Tim; Diemer, Joe; Hester, Tom; Joyce, Marilyn; Carney, Leo H.; Riordan, Kevin; Quinn, Tim; Estes, Kenneth R.
Date Created1982
DescriptionAssorted press clippings and releases dated 1982.
AuthorAllen, Frank; Johnson, Tom; Brownstein, Pamela; Bishop, Gordon; Morris, Charles W.; Trento, Joe; Thompson, R. Brierley; Fitzsimmons, Helen; Diemer, Joe; Micko, Lillian; Stewart, Ann; Nogaki, Jane; Shrom, Ralph; Morford, James C.; Engler, Rick; Jaffe, Mark; Wright, Chapin; Mullin, Edward; Carney, Leo H.; Applegate, Debbie; Hester, Tom
Date Created1983-01-1983-04
DescriptionAssorted press clippings and press releases dated January-April, 1983.
AuthorDwyer, Timothy; Applegate, Debbie; Geary, Robert J.; Wright, Chapin; Morris, Charles W.; Richardson, Charles; Narus, Bob; Drogin, Bob; Jaffe, Mark; Asher, James; Feinsilber, Mike; Bissinger, H.G.; FitzGerald, Susan; Purdy, Matthew; Goldberg, Elliot; Diemer, Joe; Rosenthal, Tom; Pothier, Dick; Bishop, Gordon; Johnson, Tom; Wagner, Dodie Murphy; Estes, Ken; Tollerson, Ernest
Date Created1983-05-1983-07
DescriptionAssorted press clippings and releases dated May-July, 1983.
AuthorEngler, Rick; DePalma, Anthony; Kalik, Barbara Faith; Tollerson, Ernest; Warshaw, Donald; Scherzer, Eric; Fink, David; Freedman, Lewis; Breslin, Patrick; Wagner, Dodie Murphy; Sullivan, Joseph F.; Johnson, Tom; Diemer, Joe; Hanley, Robert; Horvitz, Paul
Date Created1983-08-1983-12
DescriptionPress clippings and releases dated August-December, 1983.