Date Created1983, 1984
DescriptionLetters inquiring into the chemical makeup of 1504-40 Hooker Black and its hazardous effects.
Date Created1991-1993, 1989
DescriptionCorrespondence, proposed amendments, labels, placarding charts and other assorted documents regarding universal chemical labeling under the Right to Know Act.
Date Created1995
DescriptionThis document contains letters, postcards, and press releases related to hazardous substance fact sheets.
Date Created1994-1995, 1990
DescriptionA collection of documents pertaining to staffing and budget concerns of the Right to Know Program.
Date Created1992
DescriptionThis folder contains documents related to the proposed Shinn/Doria Amendment of 1992.
Date Created1993
DescriptionThis folder contains documents related to Assembly Bill No. A-1232, the Shinn/Doria Legislative Amendment of 1993-1994.
Date Issued1986
DescriptionThis folder contains documents related to the proposed Dalton amendment of 1986.
Date Created1986-1987, 1983
DescriptionThis document contains letters, newspaper clippings, notes, pamphlets proposals, and schedules about programs relating to the use of New jersey Right-to-Know Law.
AuthorDalton, Daniel J.; Johnson, Tom; Goldberg, Elliot; Micko, Lillian; Bledsoe, Lysbeth; Moore, Lee; Wyman, Andrea S.A.; Ruane, Michael E.; Clark, George; Donohue, Joseph; Stewart, Ann; Goldberg, Elliot; Weiner, Tim; Diemer, Joe; Hester, Tom; Joyce, Marilyn; Carney, Leo H.; Riordan, Kevin; Quinn, Tim; Estes, Kenneth R.
Date Created1982
DescriptionAssorted press clippings and releases dated 1982.
AuthorAllen, Frank; Johnson, Tom; Brownstein, Pamela; Bishop, Gordon; Morris, Charles W.; Trento, Joe; Thompson, R. Brierley; Fitzsimmons, Helen; Diemer, Joe; Micko, Lillian; Stewart, Ann; Nogaki, Jane; Shrom, Ralph; Morford, James C.; Engler, Rick; Jaffe, Mark; Wright, Chapin; Mullin, Edward; Carney, Leo H.; Applegate, Debbie; Hester, Tom
Date Created1983-01-1983-04
DescriptionAssorted press clippings and press releases dated January-April, 1983.