Date Created1919
DescriptionSir Thomas Lipton, member of Hoboken Chamber of Commerce, 1919. Group photo, left to right-Max Chalcha, chairman of the members forum, Sir J. Ferguson, Sir Thomas Lipton, C.H.C. Jagels, and Palmer...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1902
DescriptionGutted remains of the City Hall, Market Street, circa March 1902. John W. Ferguson, general contractor and builder, erected a workshed to start the reconstruction. The Second National Bank on the...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1923
DescriptionMap of Passaic County, N.J. color coded by township or borough. Legend indicates county lines, municipal, permanently improved, macadam and dirt roads along with local railroad lines. Area of county...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1917-1919
Date Created1958
DescriptionLocal information pertaining to Paterson, N.J. and surrounding Passaic County. Issues may include events, government, business, political cartoons, engagement and marriage announcements, and birth...
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970)
Date Created1917-1918
Date Created1998
DescriptionI began quilting with my mom in 1994. This is the first throw size quilt I made. I hand pieced the quilt. My mom (Joyce Ferguson) and I hand quilted it together.
Date Created1917-1919
AuthorRuffin, Fayth Anese
Date Created2010
Degree Date2010
DescriptionThis is a transnational, socio-legal, comparative embedded case study of four business improvement districts (BIDs), two in Cape Town, WC, RSA and two in Newark, NJ, USA in the context of...