Date Created1905
Date Created1956-1957
DescriptionLetters to, from and about Tracy Voorhees about his role as coordinator of the Hungarian Refugee Program.
Date Created1992
DescriptionThis folder contains documents related to the proposed Shinn/Doria Amendment of 1992.
Date Created1984-1985
DescriptionLetters regarding pre-emption issues and the New Jersey Worker and Community Right-to-Know Act.
AuthorDalton, Daniel J.; Johnson, Tom; Goldberg, Elliot; Micko, Lillian; Bledsoe, Lysbeth; Moore, Lee; Wyman, Andrea S.A.; Ruane, Michael E.; Clark, George; Donohue, Joseph; Stewart, Ann; Goldberg, Elliot; Weiner, Tim; Diemer, Joe; Hester, Tom; Joyce, Marilyn; Carney, Leo H.; Riordan, Kevin; Quinn, Tim; Estes, Kenneth R.
Date Created1982
DescriptionAssorted press clippings and releases dated 1982.
AuthorDwyer, Timothy; Applegate, Debbie; Geary, Robert J.; Wright, Chapin; Morris, Charles W.; Richardson, Charles; Narus, Bob; Drogin, Bob; Jaffe, Mark; Asher, James; Feinsilber, Mike; Bissinger, H.G.; FitzGerald, Susan; Purdy, Matthew; Goldberg, Elliot; Diemer, Joe; Rosenthal, Tom; Pothier, Dick; Bishop, Gordon; Johnson, Tom; Wagner, Dodie Murphy; Estes, Ken; Tollerson, Ernest
Date Created1983-05-1983-07
DescriptionAssorted press clippings and releases dated May-July, 1983.
Date Created1984-1985
DescriptionDocuments related to conferences held for the New Jersey Worker and Community Right to Know Act. Includes informational flyer, memo, and press advisory for dates and locations for Right to Know...
Date Created1982-10-20
DescriptionTranscript of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee public hearing on Senate Bill 1670, Worker and Community Right to Know Act, in Turnersville, NJ. It includes comments and testimonies from the...
Date Created1982-1983
DescriptionThe New Jersey Worker and Community Right to Know Act requires employers to provide information about hazardous substances in their workplaces. These documents are all related to the New Jersey Worker...