Date Created1905
DescriptionThe Jeweler's Circular, May 6, 1908 lists the Jewelers' 24 Karat Club of New York City as changing the date of their annual outing from September 12 to August 1, and for it to be held at Pleasure Bay,...
Date Created1913
DescriptionCaption for similar image in Moss and Schnitzspahn (1997): "Posing for a photograph at their annual outing, the Merchants Tailors group presents a subtle fashion statement of the period.", (p. 16).
Date Created1919
Date Created1908
DescriptionCaption from Moss and Schnitzspahn (1997): "In a humorous vein, two photographs were taken of "the Johnson Group." In one view the women are seated while in this, the second view, the men are seated....
Date Created1907
DescriptionCaption from Moss and Schnitzspahn (1997): "Members of the Crab Club, a social group, pose for their annual after-dinner photograph. The club "comedian" holds up last years's picture, which shows him...
Date Created1980-1989
DescriptionDorothy Gillespie was an artist, a feminist activist, and a philanthropist. Her artwork, except for a few early paintings and several happenings in the 1960s, was entirely abstract. Gillespie was...