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Date Issued1929
Date Created1903
DescriptionIn 1897, Thomas A. Edison designed and built the first Projecting Kinetoscope. Edison’s Kinetoscope was capable of projecting moving film images. Prior to the development of the Projecting...
Date Issued1842
Date Created1993-05
DescriptionSpanish language pamphlets discussing workplace safety and relevant legislation.
AuthorCarey, M.
Date Created1827
Description"Reflections on the subject of Emigration from Europe with a view to Settlement in the United States: containing bried sketches of the moral and political character of those states. By M. Carey,...
Date Created1960-1975
DescriptionUndated brochure from the Office of Migrant Education in Trenton, New Jersey, entitled: 'We won't let them down just because they're down on the farm.' Discusses the needs of children of migrant...
AuthorSater, Helen Bryan; Manning, Caroline
Date Created1943
DescriptionBased on a survey conducted by Helen Bryan Sater and Caroline Manning, this report presents issues involving the employment and housing of migrant laborers in the New York and New Jersey canning...
AuthorSchachter, Leon B.
Date Created1945
DescriptionThis is a report on the efforts of the Meat and Cannery Workers Union combined with the efforts of the Migrant and Child Labor Committee of the Consumers' League of New Jersey, the Women's Bureau of...
Date Created1964
DescriptionThese pages from a pamphlet entitled "Byelorussians in New Jersey" provide information about a Belarusan Day program in New Jersey and contains a section relating to the history of Belarusans in New...
Date Created1883