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Date Created1961
Description"The potato picker in the foreground is staff writer Dale Wright, too. The experienced pickers behind him gather 70 to 80 such 100-pound bags in a 12 to 14-hour day - and get 5 to 8 cents a bag."...
Date Created1946
Description"This is dual-type building. Large door on front make building available for storing farm equipment. Movable partitions turn it into quarters for migrants in summer." Caption from back of photo. Sign...
Date Created1950-1959
Description"Older on-the-farm type of housing." Caption from back of photo.
Date Created1950
Description"An approved privy" Caption from back of photo.
Date Created1961
DescriptionDale Wright, writer for the World-Telegram and Sun, displays a basket of tomatoes he picked near Hightstown, N.J. Wright worked as a migrant laborer to investigate the work and living conditions of...
Date Created1961
Description"Staff writer Dale Wright shoulders a basket of tomatoes which he has just picked near Hightstown, N.J., in his six-month survey of the squalid life of a migrant farm worker." Caption from booklet...
AuthorNoguchi, Paul H.
Date Created1963-08-25
DescriptionIn this 'I remember" memoir, Paul Noguchi recalls his work experiences in the bean fields at Seabrook Farms. He worked alongside other Japanese Americans, Estonians, Germans, and Latvians, as well as...
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970), 1945, 1963
Date Created1961
DescriptionReport prepared by the Bureau of Migrant Labor, a division of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Industry, in 1961.
AuthorAines, Ronald O.
Date Created1959
Description'During the late summer and fall of 1958, a research study of the total cost of Puerto Rican farm workers to New Jersey farmers was carried out by the Department of Agricultural Economics. A large...
Date Created1961
Description"Dwelling which appeared in news photo of Oct. 23, 1961 in N.Y. World Telegram and Sun, Article by Mr. Dale Wright. Located on farm of Mr. Gilbert Magee, Route 520, Marlboro Twp., Monmouth County, N....