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Date Created
DescriptionWilliam Still inquires about Peter Still’s progress toward freeing his family members from slavery, including whether or not their owner Mr. McKeirnon [sic] has agreed to lower the price asked to...
Date Created1853-1854
DescriptionMemo book kept by Peter Still (and written in by others) that: records sums of from 20 dollars to 1,055 dollars collected, in approximately 20 locations in New York, Maine, New Hampshire,...
Date Created
DescriptionWilliam Still relates that he has been too busy to visit Peter Still; notes why Peter has presumably not visited Philadelphia; comments that Peter's family truly is interested in his desire to...
Date Created1853
DescriptionNathan Durfee, assuming that a total of 3,500 dollars is required to free Peter Still’s enslaved family, offers to pay 600 dollars to him, once that is the remaining sum which Still requires,...
Date Created1850-08-07
DescriptionWilliam Still relates the story of Peter Freedman [Peter Still] coming to William Still's office in Philadelphia to learn how to locate relatives; notes the writer's realization and amazement that...
Date Created1861
DescriptionCatharine Still acknowledges the receipt of a letter from her father (Peter Still); comments on the cold weather, including as a reason for not visiting Mrs. Pickard; notes that she will enclose a...
Date Created
DescriptionKate Pickard acknowledges receiving Peter Still’s letter; relates information from her sister Julia, in Tuscumbia or vicinity, regarding a Dr. Hargraves and a Judge Weakley there who are sympathetic...
Date Created
DescriptionKate Pickard acknowledges the receipt of Peter Still’s letter; rejoices that Still's family is now free and encourages him to thank God for the same; advises that his children should pursue...
Date Created
DescriptionFletcher Webster (the son of Daniel Webster) endorses Peter Still and his purpose and agrees to contribute to his cause both monetarily and through his testimony.
Date Created1855
DescriptionKate Pickard notes that she has not heard from Peter Still for some time and that she would like to; states that, per his brother’s letter, questions regarding Still’s parents were apparently...